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Family Traditions

Birthday Brunch Tradition…How did this happen???!

It all started 1 year ago…

For a long time now I have been cooking a Christmas morning brunch for my kids. I make French Toast, scrambled eggs, apple wood smoked bacon from Trader Joe’s, home potatoes and mimosas, or for those under 21 – sparkling apple cider.

This is now our family tradition. I did this so I wouldn’t have to make a big Christmas dinner. I was usually up very late Christmas Eve wrapping presents and by Christmas afternoon I was falling asleep standing up…so easy dinner on that day!!

My mother was here for Christmas last year and while having our brunch my daughter pipes in with wanting my breakfast for her birthday. Well OK…after all it is her day. Then my mother pipes in about not being here for Alexa’s Birthday breakfast. hmmm…

“I can make another breakfast on New Year’s Day!”, I volunteered. (What was I thinking?)

Now the dilemma…my buttermilk pancakes or my french toast? French toast won. Along with another Holiday tradition.

But Jake, my son-in-law, would like pancakes one of these times but gets out-voted every single time. My mouth opens and out pops…yes, you guessed right…”I’ll make pancakes for your birthday!”

Another tradition is born. Funny how these things get started. I love it!